The Character Graveyard

Last Character Interred: 10/09/00

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to our departed personas, those characters which were created with love, played with honor, and lost with dignity...

(snicker) Yeah, right!!! These are where the victims of Darwinism go when they buy the farm. Some were great characters, some not-so-great, but they all have one thing in common...they're all dead!!

Forgotten Realms

Jonathan Silvermoon

a druid of Silvanus, played by Tony;

Lyralt Springwater

a kender priest of Fizban, played by Sean;

Takas Darkstone

a dwarven gladiator played by Joe;

Jonathan, Lyralt and Takas died in a ruined temple complex battling slavers; Lyralt was struck down by the poisoned blade of a half-orc assassin, immediately after which the Wand of Lightning triggered by Jonathan struck both Lyralt and Takas and detonated the numerous flasks of oil carried by Lyralt. The resulting explosion reduced the trio to charcoal briquettes...


an elven ranger, played by Thom;

Llyraerennol died in the tunnels beneath the same tunnel complex where Jonathan, Lyralt, and Takas all lost their lives. While battling strange insect-men called aspis and their bloated queen, Llyraerennol bravely attempted to teleport himself atop the queen and attack it directly. Unfortunately, the queen's rubbery skin exuded a milky, acidic secretion which began eating the soles of the ranger's boots, forcing him to jump off. While Llyraerennol was occupied fighting a pair of aspis warriors, his back was left exposed to the queen; a quick lunge forward, a snip of her powerful mandibles, and the ranger was neatly cut in half...

Rebecca "Candi" Milka

a human thief, played by Tony;

Candi lost her life in the caverns beneath the hidden slaver city of Suderham, in battle against a powerful shambling mound. Though greatly weakened by prior encounters, Candi nevertheless continued to scout ahead of the party only to find herself alone, facing the plant-monster which ultimately did her in with a combination of pummeling and smothering before her companions could reach her...

Auric Sandstrider

a "half-elven" psionicist played by Pat;

Auric died in the same cave as Candi; after the party defeated the shambling mound, a pair of giant snakes emerged from the cavern's lake to block the party's way. Rather than chance losing another already-wounded companion, Amber cast a fireball at the snakes. Auric, having been caught in the blast of Amber's spells in the past, decided to jump into the lake to avoid a repeat experience. Unfortunately, the lake was full of vicious swarming leeches, which proceeded to completely drain the already-weakened Auric of blood...

Myr'lon Gaelaera,

An elven cleric of Correlon Larethian played by Tony;

the Silent Hand,

A half-elven monk played by Pat;

Myr'lon and the Silent Hand both died in the dwarven stronghold under Stonetooth Mountain. Myr'lon died when the party attempted to sneak in to the stronghold via the rear entrance, and was set upon by a clutch of stirges and completely drained of blood before anyone could reach him. Several days later, the Silent Hand met his end while breaching the front entrance, this time at the hands of an ogre, who had succeeded in wresting Kodak's greataxe away from her. A single blow was sufficient to snuff the monk's life.

No one has died yet in this campaign, but it's only a matter of time...

Palladium Roleplaying Game


a changeling thief, played by Thom;

Dale died in an ancient temple dedicated to the evil god Amun, when he and his companions encountered a room spattered with blood and littered with weapons and bits of treasure. Impulsively, Dale stepped into the room before anyone else could stop him or offer another plan, and his weight triggered the room's deadly trap. The room's ceiling, formed of a single block of stone, immediately dropped to the floor and the upper half of Dale's body was instantly crushed to a pulp...

No one has died recently in this campaign, though Electra has suffered serious injury battling behemoths in the swamps of Florida, leaving her future as a runner uncertain...


No one has died in this campaign yet, but that won't last for long...