Fireballs and UZI III's

The year is 2060:

Technology has invaded every facet of human existence, as cybernetic implants and the vast computer network known as the Matrix are a part of everyday life. In addition, magic has returned to the world, bringing with it legendary races such as elves and trolls...and darker things. National governments are becoming more and more ineffective as the power of the megacorporations continues to grow. Decadence, corruption, and the idea that one person's actions cannot affect the world are beginning to erode the foundations of society.
Yet there are those rare individuals who operate outside the laws of both the governments and the megacorps, who work from both without and within to lay low the corrupt and the evil...and turn a little profit in the process. They're called Shadowrunners, chummer, and if you're in trouble they might be your only hope...

A Shadowrun Timeline
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New Matrix Technology
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