Joe (GM);

Tony (aka "V", a Verpine Fringer;

Pat (aka Elon, a male Duros Scout;

Jim (aka "Pitch", a male Meris Soldier;

Thom (aka N'Shara, a female Twi'lek Scout/Scoundrel;

Chris (aka Crcha Modini, a male Human Force-Attuned/Soldier;

Lurch (aka Ackmedd, a male Mon Calimari Force-Attuned/Soldier;

After recovering the necessary components to repair the Sunwolf's hyperdrive, the heroes barely got into their vac suits before the strange alien warriors and their Imperial Grand Moff ally aboard the mysterious negative energy ship Desolate ruptured the air seals in the chamber they were gathered in, blowing most of them into space. Making their way back to their ship, the heroes made a break for freedom, with E'lon at the controls running the blockade of furious alien fighter-ships while N'Shara, Crcha, Pitch and Ackmedd manned the gunnery ports and V frantically attempted to reassemble a functional hyperdrive. Finally, with hundreds of ships in pursuit, E'lon flipped a switch and the featureless void of Otherspace warped and shifted through the hyperdrive until the Sunwolf re-emerged into normal space, with its precious cargo of alien technology and possible future allies...