Thom (GM 1, aka Greyclaws, an Amerind Human Wolf Shaman);

Sean (GM 2, aka Shadow Opal, a Human Owl Shaman);

Joe (aka Jack, an Ork Adept who can stand up to anyone except his mother);

Tony (aka Think Tank, a Dwarven Decker with dangerous & mysterious "friends");

Pat (aka Static, a Human Merc, the team's sniper & demolitionist);

Jim (aka Krevitz, a Troll Bodyguard recently joining the group);

Lurch (aka Winter, an Amerind-Elf Combat Mage on a quest for vengeance);

Chris (aka Electra, a flashy Elven street samurai from the CAS -- currently on the disabled list);

While Chummers and the magical society/HQ building are being remodeled, the runners have agreed to make a run against the Urban Brawl Commission Headquarters, to secure the location of the upcoming championship game. Having botched their initial attempt but miraculously "resetting" the situation (with a little outside help), the runners are now frantically planning to pull the run off successfully, with a minimum of harm and attention...