Palladium Roleplaying Game


Tony (GM);

Chris (aka Loth Soulchaser, a dwarven knight with a hidden past);

Pat (aka Tay, a "medic" who is not all he appears to be);

Sean (aka Keelar Moldari, an elven Diabolist with at least one secret up his sleeve);

Lurch (aka Shakar Ashanti, a wolfen wizard struggling to retain his sanity);

Joe (aka Sister Karen, a human warrior-monk of Rurga seeking enlightenment);

Thom (aka Wesley, an orc mercenary who wields a sharp axe and a sharper tongue);

Once more reunited in the fort awaiting Loth's return, the heroes' rest proves to be short-lived; Keelar visits with his mentor and Sister Karen and Tay spend their time in meditation, while Shakar and Wesley decide to visit the fort's small makeshift tavern. This proves disastrous as a brawl erupts between Shakar and Wesley and a pair of mercenaries, with the soldiers being badly beaten by the monstrous duo. When the commander of the soldiers arrives on the scene, he immediately banishes Shakar and Wesley from the fort.

Making camp within sight of the fort to wait for their companions, Shakar and Wesley are surprised and captured by a raiding party of orcs, goblins, and humans led by a huge fire giant. The giant forces them to march with his band as they raid a nearby farming village. Wesley manages to slip away by offering to scout the village, but the giant keeps Shakar hostage as insurance for the orc's return. When Wesley does not return, the giant attacks Shakar, burning him badly and smashing him to the ground, but is prevented from killing the wolfen by the arrival of Wesley and his companions. While Wesley engages the giant, the others busy themselves with the rest of the band, though they are outnumbered more than two to one. In the end, the raiding party is killed, the village is saved and none of the heroes die, though Shakar is badly injured and loses most of the fur on his upper body as a result of the giant's firey breath.

Hailed as heroes by the farmers of the village, the party rests up in a barn before travelling on to a nearby dwarven city, where they sell the altar they obtained from the temple of Amun and purchase new armor. As a result of misunderstandings regarding the sale of the altar and Shakar breaking his word to stay out of trouble back at the fort, a furious Sister Karen declares herself betrayed by the entire party and leaves them, apparently for good. Shakar and Wesley once again find a tavern, but this time the results are far more positive: amid much drinking, singing and dancing, Shakar finally begins to re-evaluate his opinion of the dwarven people as a whole. When the wolfen passes out from too much dwarven mead, the others bring him to the barn belonging to Loth's parents to sleep it off. The next day, the group meets Loth's family over breakfast, picks up the armor they ordered, and sets off on a return trip to the temple, to explore areas they left untouched the first time...