Forgotten Realms






Tony (aka Khelendros Larethian, a zealous male Centaur Wizard/Cleric of Tempus/Pandaemonicist from Battledale);

Pat (aka Nexus Larethian, Khelendros' half-brother, a fanatical male Wood-Elf Fighter/Cleric of Tempus from Battledale);

Jim (aka Rennek Fanglore, a male Human Druid/Shifter emissary from Silvermoon Grove on the Daggerdale/Shadowdale border);

Thom (aka Kheldar Kulenov, a grim male Human Ranger of few words from Damara);

Chris (aka Jacen Jorns, a mischievous male Human Wizard/Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple from Waterdeep with a knack for making "friends");

Sean (aka Rass Skittar-Hisk, a male Skaven Ranger/Tamer of Beasts specializing in warpstone-mutated companions);


Skitch, a young male Kobold Rogue/Sorcerer and aspiring trapmaster;

Irlstar, a young male human Commoner/Fighter, the party's groom;

Thunder, Jacens' skunk familiar;

E'lasa ("Lightning"), Jacens' cooshee greater familiar;

NIGHTAL 19, 1371-CHES 17, 1372 (as of 05/28/02):

Much has transpired in the lives of the Heroes of Daggerdale of late. The threat to Jacen's love Karla and the Eye of Ashaba has been ended; the demi- lich Gothyl and her allies have been slain, and the curse on the Sword of the Dales has been lifted. Peace has been restored to the common folk living near the keep, and Karla has undertaken the construction of a hospital as atonement for her body's actions while under Gothyl's control. The Heroes, newly recovered from various injuries (including petrification and skeletal destabilization), nevertheless found themselves on the road once more, this time accompanying Nexus and Khelendros on a holy quest. Nexus recently discovered his link to Tempus had been lost and he was no longer gaining spells; checking in with his superiors at the Abbey of the Sword in Battledale, it was learned that the god Tempus had been displeased with Nexus' performance in the final battle against Gothyl (he abandoned a winnable battle against a foe who threatened the innocent, leaving Gruun the kobold to strike the final blow). In a communion ceremony involving a painful impalement by a ceremonial sword, Nexus received his cryptic mission for atonement: "Find your charge in the Forest Kingdom."

Believing the "Forest Kingdom" to be the nearby nation of Cormyr, Nexus and Khelendros set out at once to restore Nexus' favor with Tempus, pausing only to rejoin their companions at the Eye of Ashaba. The journey to Cormyr was largely uneventful, though evidence of the recent war which ravaged the land and cost Cormyr its beloved King Azoun was evident all around them. Along the way they encountered several wood-elf patrols as well as a young gold dragon named Faelenon, who warned them of a young black dragon named Regeanar, who had suddenly appeared in the area and was preying on travellers. Reaching the great walled city of Arabel, newly-reclaimed from goblin invaders and in the process of being rebuilt, the Heroes were approached by Lady Kirsta Tellari, the Tymoran cleric who had performed the marriage of Jacen and Karla and who had been Jacen's first employer as an adventurer years earlier. Lady Kirsta explained the turmoil facing Cormyr and her plan to help alleviate it: if the Heroes of Daggerdale could find and recover the lost hoard of the slain dragon Nalavara, Cormyr's regent could rebuild the nation's military forces and stabilize the economy, enabling Cormyr to resist foreign invaders as well as the new crop of noble insurgents determined to topple the Obarskyr Dynasty. Of particular Lady Kirsta warned against the Freedom Warriors, a loose confederation of nobles who claimed to be acting in Cormyr's best interests but were secretly planning to overthrow the monarchy and put one of their own on the throne. The Heroes agreed to this quest, and after putting down a minor threat from the Freedom Warriors set out for Eveningstar to meet the man who would provide them with a map to the dragon's lair.

In Eveningstar they met with the retired General Gurrand, who informed them of his terrible mistake. Two days earlier another adventuring group approached him bearing a copy of the signet ring Lady Kirsta had given the Heroes as proof of their identity; believing the impostors to be Kirsta's agents, Gurrand entrusted them with the map. Gurrand then told the Heroes of a mountain man named Valan of the Peaks who could be hired to lead them to the lair; they were to seek him out in the village of Tyrluk, which lay in the foothills of the Storm Horn Mountains. On their way out of town, the Heroes were approached by a band of youths who wanted to join in the quest. Quickly seeing their complete lack of experience or ability, the Heroes gave them some words of advice and sent them back home to contemplate their adventuring careers. One of them, a girl named Tiff, showed some promise in woodslore, so Kheldar offered to take her where she could be properly trained as a ranger or druid when the time was right.

En route to Tyrluk, they were attacked by a band of wights, who had been a Purple Dragon squad in life; they quickly dispatched the undead lest they pose a threat to innocent refugees (such as the group of stragglers they met shortly thereafter). Tyrluk itself consisted of the ruins of a dozen buildings and two which were damaged but still standing; tents and cookfires attested to the resilience of the villages residents. Also present was a haughty woman with strange blue eyes, who wore the robes of a wizard but also carried an ornate sword; she appeared to have command of the village but the Heroes did not seek her out. Instead, they ventured to the Old Man's Face inn, one of the only buildings left standing after the war, to seek out Valan. Valan proved to be as surly as everyone else in the shattered village, though somewhat more helpful; he agreed to lead them into the mountains in the morning for twenty platinum.

That night, Khelendros attempted to study his growing wild-magic talents, to disastrous effect; a simple spell intended to alter the temperature of the inn's fireplace also summoned a ferocious shadow mastiff, who attacked and killed the inn's owner. In the chaos that ensued, the owner's wife and the other guests all pointed the centaur out as the summoner; the Heroes had to do some fast talking to calm the populace and restore the peace. In the end, Rennek flew in eagle form back to Eveningstar to summon the high priest of Lathander who lived there. The priest, using powerful magic of his own, flew to Tyrluk, raised the slain innkeeper from the dead, and began his return trip before Rennek could even return to Tyrluk with news the priest was coming! With all set to right once more, the Heroes returned to bed except for Khelendros, who slept outside the village in contrition.

The next morning, the Heroes set out with Valan into the mountains, passing several small settlements along the way; many of these were abandoned and silent, victims of the invading armies from the north. In time, they reached the cave Valan told them about; after inspecting the entrance for traps and signs of passage they were ready to enter. No sooner had they set foot inside, however, when a fireball exploded in their midst, accompanied by a battle cry: "Freedom Warriors, attack; death to the tyrant!"