title>The ILLITHIDS - Dragonlance


Chris (DM)

Tony (aka Michael Sunfire, a fledgling mage with a sneaky streak);

Pat (aka Keylanthas "Ki" Kagan, a Kagonesti fighter/thief, brother of Vio);

Sean (aka Violanthas "Vio" Kagan, a Kagonesti ranger, brother of Ki and Slayer of Bison);

Thom (aka Jerrod Truesilver, a human paladin and Knight of Solamnia);

Lurch (aka Talyn Ulfwyr, a street-performer with sticky fingers, good intentions and bad luck);

Joe (aka Kryos, a minotaur priest of Kiri-Jolith struggling for acceptance);

The heroes have made it to Newport, fighting off three attacking pirate ships and nearly losing their lives in the process. In town, they have taken a much-needed rest; during this time Michael sold one of the captured pirate ships without his companions' knowledge and he & Talyn proceeded to paint the town red. Ki and Vio have caught up to them and taken them to task for their actions, forcing them to purchase new sails & supplies for the pirate ship the companions are keeping. After about a weeks' rest, a magnificent galleon lands in port; could it be the infamous pirate-king, in search of his missing ships?