Lurch (Marshal);

Sean (aka "Top Hat", a mysterious Cheyenne medicine-man with an as-yet-unrevealed agenda);

Joe (aka Dean "Haint" Harlen [aka "Doc"], a Mad Scientist bent on winning the arms race);

Tony (aka Robert McConaughy, a Huckster with an overeager eye for the ladies);

Pat (aka Crosseyed Pete, an Outlaw with a mysterious power he can't quite control);

Thom (aka "Black" Jack McGraw, a renowned Bounty Hunter on the vengeance trail);

Chris (aka Earl "Longshot" Jones, a Huckster with more than one secret up his sleeve);

The posse is in Salt Lake City, the infamous City of Gloom, where Doc hopes to get his inventions patented and picked up by Smith & Robards to fund his newest project: the heatray gun. To that end, the posse has signed on as train guards on the dangerous route to the Union Army's mysterious Fort 51 (where Robert has secretive business of his own to conduct)...