The Wonderful World of Anime

This page is dedicated to the incredibly cool artform of anime, or Japanese animation. A natural offshoot of Japanese comics (or manga), which are extremely popular with Japanese people of all ages and walks of life, anime is not the traditional "kiddie" animation that American audiences are familiar with, nor is it primarily aimed at children. Anime TV shows frequently turn up in prime-time viewing slots in Japan, and feature mature plotlines that rival or exceed those of the average American drama shows.

Anime shows & movies (at least the more mainstream ones the US is familiar with) feature an attention to detail & quality in their artwork and animation that far exceeds what the US is generally willing or able to produce (with the possible exception of classic Disney animation, which is really a category of its own). The characters have a uniquely stylized quality with large eyes, small noses and mouths, and frequently having oddly-colored, gravity-defying hairstyles. The storylines & settings are usually science-fiction or fantasy-oriented (though not always -- there are shows that are as mundane as a day at the office, though presumably more entertaining), and feature an abundance of giant robots, aliens, cyborgs, monsters, magic, superpowered martial arts and the like. Action sequences are spectacularly presented and frequently quite gory.

The hero in a typical anime story is often what I've come to think of as a "traditionally Japanese hero:" a mysterious, anti-social loner of few words and unbelievably deadly skill, who drifts into the movie in response to an unspoken need, hacks up the hordes of villains threatening some innocent people, then sadly walks off again. His solitary and deadly nature means he'll never be able to experience the simple pleasure of human interaction, yet he is compelled to protect those he cannot love (Hokuto no Ken, also known as Fist of the North Star, is a prime example of this). This grim hero is sometimes paired with a wide-eyed, innocent child or smart-alecky comedy-relief type for contrast . Anime villains are typically smug, gloating sadists who are the heroes' match in power and/or lead armies of extremely brutal, extremely dimwitted thugs. And then there are the girls...

Anime girls have been a fascination for me for many years. There's just something about them that I find irresistable; they are at once cute & sexy, innocent and worldly, demure and deadly. And they aren't just window-dressing either (though they do make great pin-ups!); females are equal counterparts to males, or are even the heroines of the story (there are even shows that feature nearly all-female casts, such as Sailor Moon). Whatever their role, I just love those big-eyed gals!!

Below are some links to anime-related sites; there are likely many, many more out there I'm not aware of yet; if you find some good ones, let me know! One caution, though: at least a few of these sites are known to contain adult-oriented images and clips (known as hentai or ecchi anime:

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