Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know...

OK, you asked for it; by clicking on my name you have accessed the page of Stuff About Me. Let's start by getting my stats out of the way:

Real Name: Scott Russell Redman

Age: 32

DOB: 08/10/68 (yes, I'm a Leo!)

Born In: San Diego, CA

Currently Live In: Hoffman Estates, IL

Marital Status:Married 10/05/96 to my girlfriend since 1987, Tammy (aka Kessa)

Children: None (& no plans for any)

Pets: 3 cats, Merlin, Gandalf & Raistlin (Raistlin the stray will eventually be going home with our friend Thom after he's settled into his new home)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 285 (I'm currently shooting for 225 or less -- check back for progress)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Current Occupation: Microfilm Tech for a Title-Processing Plant

Chosen Future Career: Writer/Illustrator (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comics, RPG design, etc.)

Hobbies: Writing, woodcarving, camping, hiking, music, roleplaying games, computers, reading, ren faires, motorcycles (Harleys only!), sci-fi/fantasy/horror, comics, fantasy illustration, anime, and just plain havin' a good time!

The story of Me (starting with "How did you get your nickname?")

I get asked this question all the time, particularly since I am not as tall as Ted Cassidy (TV Lurch) or Carel Struycken (Movie Lurch), nor do I resemble either actor. The name started out as something of a joke. While I was in high school, my nickname was "Spooky", due to my being tall, thin, pale, quiet, and a horror buff (I also have an uncanny ability to sneak up on almost anyone, and seemingly disappear from one side of a person and reappear on the other side while I'm walking next to them. I don't do these things on purpose; they just happen of their own accord).

When I was about 17 though, I worked for a company that was staffed by unusually short people. The fact that I was about 6" taller than the next-tallest employee, combined with my deep, somewhat booming voice and (at the time) thin & lanky frame and awkward manner, caused my supervisor to nickname me "Lurch" as his way of being mean to me (I had a choice of that or "Hymie the Robot" from Get Smart; I still think I made the right choice). Anyway, the name got carried to a whole new circle of friends (& has stuck ever since) when a co-worker introduced me to his Rocky Horror cast, which promptly took me in (& didn't let me out again for 6 years!). I started out as Chuckie Gray (the Criminologist/Narrator), then a very long stint as Riff Raff (during which time I met the woman I would later marry -- who played Magenta, naturally), and finally Frank himself (considered the pinnacle of Rocky-cast performing).

After I hung up my fishnets in '92, I spent a few summers working volunteer weekends at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Bristol WI, spending 3 seasons in the Celts Encampment as drunkard Scotsman "Russell MacIntosh", before the Faire management cut our group from the program (my wife & I still hang around the Faire when we can though, and would like to eventually have our own artisans' booth selling either staffs and walking sticks, scented oils, candles and herbal products, or period writing supplies -- we haven't quite decided which will fly the best, though I'm leaning towards the last choice simply because there's no competition). To that end I am dabbling in woodcarving and my wife is studying herbalism (here's hoping our efforts pay off!). In addition, I have renewed the pursuit of my writing career; if all goes well my work should soon appear in Dragon Magazine, and if I'm really lucky a publisher will pick up the fantasy trilogy I'm working on!

The Many Faces of Lurch

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